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4 Week Challenge

Over the course of four weeks athletes will work in a small group setting with a professional coach learning the fundamentals of CrossFit. Through high intensity functional training participating athletes should expect to see improvements in overall health and well being in addition to weight loss, strength gains, etc. This program is for anyone who wants REAL results and is willing to put in the work!

Begins: February 21st

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
at either 6:00am or 6:00 pm

WHERE: CrossFit Minneapolis
1313 Chestnut Ave. N, Minneapolis MN 55403

COST: $165

Show Up & Never Quit!


Must commit to 3 days per week at our training facility.

Must enjoy working out in a group environment. Keep it fun!

You must be willing to start from the ground up. We will teach you proper form and technique to ensure safety and maximize results.

Must be willing to embrace change. This will not work if the coaches want to see you reach your goals more than you do!

Stay focused on your goal. Leave your ego at the door. Hard work is respected. This is a humbling experience that we must go through.

Must be willing to modify all movements based on your personal fitness level. We were all beginners at one point. Keep an open mind.

Must commit to the entire 4 weeks. We want people who will stay strong and reap the benefits of all this hard work. The program and especially the first week is tough.

Must respect the rules of the gym. They're in place to set the culture & safety and prevent injury.

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