When you train at CrossFit Minneapolis + St. Paul you are hiring a team of highly skilled, professional coaches determined to help you gain skills and strength, teach you proper movements, and offer opportunities for you to be involved in a community of fitness enthusiasts.

Who we are

Above all else, we are CrossFitters. We are community members, passionate health enthusiasts, and just generally, people who wish to live long, active, independent lives void of sickness, injury, and decrepitude. For each of us, CrossFit represents a different outlet for life’s many stresses and demands. Among us we have competitive athletes, people just looking to stay in shape, people looking to regain some semblance of their former selves, people looking to pick themselves up and cut themselves loose, for one short hour a day. We are celebrators of every single grand victory, and they’re all grand victories – a one-pound PR, an attendance goal reached, a first pull-up, a developed sense of confidence through perspiration and commitment, a return to the CrossFit Games.

When we’re down, we pick each other up. When we’re up, we push to keep it going. When we’re done with our workouts, we cheer for those still pushing through. When things get crowded, we share our equipment. When somebody looks lost, we offer a hand. When there’s a way we can serve our community better, we pounce on the opportunity.

If you think you fit this mold and that you can get something out of our community while striving to make it better, then please come aboard.

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