Adam Sullivan


I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2009 when on a business trip to Ohio. My CrossFit-obsessed brother finally convinced me to try a workout with him. I caved, reluctantly, and the workout involved rounds of power cleans, push presses, and 400-meter runs. Upon finishing, I couldn’t believe how much my pride was struck in thinking I was a fit individual given my collegiate basketball background. I knew I needed to add this level of intensity and diverse modality training to my regimen. It “just made sense” as many can attest to. Immediately, I joined a gym in Minnesota, was coaching CrossFit in 2011, and later (2014-2017) co-owned Badger CrossFit in Milwaukee, WI with my brother.

I CrossFit because… I firmly believe there is no better holistic program for fitness. Its empirical, data-driven approach to all physical skills of the human body drives the majority of us to reach our genetic potential more than any other program I’ve seen. Additionally, the friendly, competitive environment of getting in a great workout in an hour or less keeps it sustainable and fun.

I coach because… I truly enjoy seeing people working on themselves to become *their* best. Additionally, I love seeing people’s belief in what fitness is change to a superior definition. Aesthetics become the byproudct of function where as most of us believed aesthetics automatically meant “healthy.”