Alex Tubbs

General Manager

I found CrossFit my senior year of college when I was working as a manager at the rec center gym. One of my friends who was a spin instructor also owned a CrossFit gym in town. After a lot of nagging she finally got me to come in and try a workout. My first ever workout was a 2k row. It was challenging for sure, but not unfamiliar. I wouldn’t say I was hooked after day one, but i enjoyed my experience and decided to go back. The next day I had to take on 21-15-9 wallballs/burpees. Unlike the row, this was very unfamiliar. I very quickly knew that I wasn’t in the shape I thought I was. Around eight minutes later I was flat on my back and ready to start a new journey in fitness. I was getting a degree in health and human performance, so I knew that I wanted to be in fitness or coaching before I found CrossFit, but after I did that workout I knew what I wanted to do. Six months after my first CrossFit workout I was at a CrossFit Level 1 course learning how to coach.

I CrossFit because… its fun. I never feel like I have to go to the gym, I want to go to the gym. The workouts are always different so you’re never going to be bored. There’s also no shortage of things to practice and improve. Even 9 years in I’m still learning.

I coach because… I love sharing my knowledge with others. Nothing is better than seeing a lightbulb moment, when someone finally figures out a movement.