Andee Keefe


In November of 2013, I had recently moved back to the Minneapolis area and I showed up at CrossFit St. Paul to do the Level One Class. I really knew no one in the gym (I dragged my dad through Level One with me) but I was already a CrossFit fan girl and occasionally followed the workouts on It may sound overly dramatic but walking into that Level One class changed my life. I had struggled with body image issues my entire life and for the very first time, I was surrounded by other women who were confident in their bodies without having to step on a scale every morning for affirmation. To see them and to workout with them in the gym each day helped me to find confidence to take the body I had been given and use it to push my limits in terms of strength, fitness and mobility.

I CrossFit because… being strong is beautiful and because this is my community. CrossFit is my second family (and sometimes my first). CrossFit challenges me each day to be better and I really do enjoy competing. Representing Union Fitness as part of our team at the 2016 Central Regionals is one of the highlights of my life.

I coach because I hope to share the passion and love for CrossFit with others and because I enjoy helping others become more fit and reach their own personal goals. Coaching CrossFit is the answer to what I want to do with my life when I grow up, it only took me 28 years to figure it out.