Ian New


I was first introduced to CrossFit when I was a student at The College of Wooster in Ohio when a few of my friends started organizing CrossFit workouts for people in the school gym. As a competitive Ultimate player, and the captain in charge of fitness and conditioning at the time, I was skeptical about these types of workouts and never gave them a try. I thought what I was leading and what I had been doing myself was good enough. For four more years, I continued doing the same thing – leg day, upper body/core day, alternating four days a week with some sprint and jumping drills sprinkled in. A year and a half after moving to Minneapolis, I realized I hit a huge plateau and I hadn’t really made any progress in fitness for half a year or more. That’s when I made the decision to start CrossFit. In January 2016, I signed up for Level One with Coach Meg and made a promise to myself that, no matter what, I’d do it for three months and then decide if I was going to continue. After the second class, I was hooked and I’ve never looked back. CrossFit allows me to constantly challenge myself in areas of strength, while pushing me to work on my weaknesses – I never have a chance to fall into a rut. The informal competition with myself and with friends in the gym makes me work harder and strive to become a better athlete in as many areas as possible.

I CrossFit because… I am able to push myself to my body’s limits and prove to myself what I can do. Seeing constant progress in my lifts, speed, skills, and movements motivates me to work even harder, to get more fit, and to hit my next benchmarks. One of the best parts of my experience at CrossFit is the community – complaining about how tough a workout was with friends while lying in a pool of our own sweat on the ground provides a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

I coach because… I want others to get the same experience that I get every time I step through the CrossFit doors. Giving people an opportunity to witness themselves getting fitter, healthier, and having fun while working out is awesome. Plus, being able to coach CrossFit makes me better and more knowledgeable as an athlete as well.