Ian Stark


I discovered CrossFit in October of 2009 after a friend mentioned he might try it (he never did). While I was active in recreation sports, I came to CrossFit with little athletic history and a lot of self-consciousness. I have a couple vivid memories from my early days at CrossFit Minneapolis.

The first was at the end of my 2nd On Ramp class. I was WODing alone and the workout ended with a long row (I remember it feeling long at least). While I was finishing up, the next class came in and immediately set up boxes in a semi-circle around the ERG and encouraged me. At first, I was mortified that these strangers were watching me be out of shape but everyone was so friendly that those feelings eventually passed.

I also remember one of my early workouts with a new member (Deb Cordner-Carson) and a visitor (Nick Stalock). It involved tall box jumps, hand stand pushups, and overhead squats. The difference between us in strength and talent in the workout was obvious and, quite frankly, intimidating. I also realized nobody cared about my strength and talent but it was effort that mattered. At the end of the workout, all three of use were exhausted and feeling rough.

I CrossFit because… the community uniquely motivates me and I work harder than I do in any other fitness situation.

I coach because… I want to help others find their inner athlete. CrossFit has done immeasurable things for my health and confidence. I just want to help others reach their own goals and improve.