Jackie Keepers

CrossFit Kids Coach

I started CrossFit in August of 2010. My first class after On-Ramp was The Bear Complex; a workout that’s entirely done with a barbell. I did the fifteen pound trainer barbell and as I walked out I thought “this isn’t so hard.” The next day there was 100 push-ups in the WOD, I scaled the reps and used two green bands for support and I couldn’t move my arms for a week after. I was hooked.

I CrossFit because… you get to constantly surprise yourself with what you CAN do. I’m always pushing myself a little further as I grow stronger and more capable. But really…. I just want to look good in jeans.

I coach CrossFit Kids because… combining my love of fitness with my love of teaching is an amazing opportunity. Our society is becoming more sedimentary, and children are falling victim to a lifestyle that is making them sick. Children, now more than ever, need to learn early on that fitness is fun and should be a part of their daily lives. But really… working with kids keeps me young and a little bit immature, have you ever let a balloon go in the middle of the gym? It’s hilarious!