Mike Hara

Strength Coach

I started doing CrossFit before I knew what it was – I came across the website for Gym Jones and started to incorporate high-intensity circuits into my workouts after I retired from college football. About three years later a co-worker introduced me to CrossFit.com. I did my first real CrossFit workout, Fran, at LA Fitness which, as expected, left me in a wheezing, gasping, sweaty mess. After that I looked up CrossFit Minneapolis, did an intro, and started almost immediately in late 2011.

I CrossFit because… it’s a good, honest workout methodology that is just unbelievably effective. I have millions of anecdotal stories but what stuck with me most is that after 16 years of strength training I am still getting stronger and better doing little more than CrossFit. Plus, I get to workout with a great community and have met many great friends in the gym.

I coach because… while I no longer get the opportunity to coach too much in person because of professional obligations, I still find joy in supporting the coaching staff in whatever way I can and writing the strength programming. I’ve tried a lot of different methods since I started weightlifting at 12years of age, and I’m hoping to confer some of that knowledge to others so they can understand the great physical and mental benefits of strength training.