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After getting out of the Marine Corps and finishing business school I settled into a traditional routine of distance running and swimming, with traditional lifting a few times a week. This program was working pretty well for me at about 6 hours a week of training time. I had lunch with a family friend who was going into the Marines and was doing something called CrossFit to get in shape. After lunch I checked out the website CrossFit.com, and spent about a week looking at it and watching videos before doing my first workout by myself at a Lifetime Fitness. I knew within a week that the program was for me and that I’d open a CrossFit gym in the near future.

I CrossFit becauseā€¦ I want to remain physically fit and capable for the rest of my life, and CrossFit is the most efficient means of maximizing my fitness within the 4-5 hours a week I’m willing to commit. Nothing else comes close.

I coach becauseā€¦ I want to give the gift of fitness to the people in my community and make real fitness accessible to anyone who’s willing to commit to achieving it.

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