Quinn Anderson


When I first heard about CrossFit in the summer of 2010, I was eating a raw-vegan diet and training for a marathon. A family friend of mine kept urging me to come to her affiliate (and to PLEASE start eating meat again). I was resistant at first because I was really into soaking, sprouting and dehydrating everything I ate along with running 30-40 miles a week. Shortly thereafter, I started working for lululemon athletica and trying out every type of exercise under the sun: barre, hot yoga, trail running, less hot yoga, circuit training, you name it. One girl I met at the store, with whom I had become fast friends, was all into CrossFit. She was in amazing shape and got a big group of the lululemon girls to come in and do an intro class with Tyler Quinn. I don’t remember the exact workout, but needless to say, I loved it and kept coming back. That really in shape girl just so happened to be three times CrossFit Games athlete Deborah Cordner-Carson. After my first week of being so incredibly sore that I could hardly walk or use my arms, I decided very quickly that I wanted to be a bigger part of this community. I took my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in the Spring of 2011 at CrossFit St. Paul and started coaching the outdoor bootcamp a couple of months later.

I CrossFit because… the community of people I have met here are my best friends. They push me to be better at CrossFit and be better in life.

I coach because… I love helping people go from feeling intimidated by the whole atmosphere to embracing it, making huge positive changes in their health and wellness, and becoming an integral part of our community.