Ross Tomaszewski

General Manager

The first time I was introduced to CrossFit was in a magazine. Not sure of the title of the article but the author went through a few weeks of CrossFit workouts and could not stop talking about the challenge of the workout. I had grown up with fitness but as most was bored with the globo gym culture. I did my first few workouts and was completely crushed physically. It was amazing to me because the first workout I completed had only a handful of push-ups and pull-ups. And it absolutely crushed me! All I wanted to do was get better at CrossFit after that.

I CrossFit because… I love the challenge, the community, and the gritty push that you have to find within yourself. Also because of the daily challenge it provides for me to attack and overcome.

I coach because… I believe in CrossFit as the best way to become a healthier individual.