Ryan Petersen


While deployed to Basra, Iraq in 2009 a Special Forces army buddy started talking about this amazing new workout routine called CrossFit. He bet me that I couldn’t do this workout called “Fran” in less than 10 minutes. I looked up the workout, 21-15-9 of pull-ups and “thrusters” I had no idea what a thruster was so got on the Internet and searched for it. While deployed you don’t have much to do in your off time so I spent a majority of it at the gym, I said “Sure I take your bet.” Then 6 minutes and 14 seconds later I was dry heaving over a garbage can gasping for air. That night I talked my workout partner into giving CrossFit a 30-day trial. We did mainsite workouts for the next 30 days. I was hooked and never looked back.

I CrossFit because … the CrossFit style of training has a never-ending potential for improvement therefore it never gets old. When you start to burn out you change directions. The gym is one of my happy places and CrossFit allows me to spend lots of time in my happy place.

I coach because… helping people change bad habits or find out who they are athletically is exhilarating. As a coach the look on someone’s face when they just did something they never thought was possible in a million years is indescribable. So powerful!