Dr. Shanna Tubbs

Mobility Coach

Alex Tubbs (my husband and General Manager of CrossFit St. Louis Park) introduced me to CrossFit at our College globo gym and made me do Fran. I did it with strict pull-ups and ended up crying halfway through because it was so hard. This was a major reality check that I was not in shape like I thought I was. From then on I stuck to CrossFit. I was first trained by Alex at the globo gym and eventually joined a CrossFit gym when we moved to Minnesota. The feeling you get after a workout keeps me coming back every day.

I CrossFit because… I want to be in shape for my patients. My biggest fear is telling a patient we have to rest because I am tired. When they stand or walk for the first time after an injury I want them to be the one to ask for a break, I am here to serve them and I need to be in shape to do this daily.

I coach because… I love helping people. Watching the “ah-ha” moment is my favorite part of CrossFit.