Zach Krych

Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I was first introduced to CrossFit as a full-time Olympic Weightlifter at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, through my friend and training partner Casey Burgener. Casey’s father is Coach B, who leads the CrossFit Oly Certifications, and while I was visiting his home in California Coach B put me through a CrossFit workout of 21-15-9 reps of pull-ups and DB thrusters (Fran). It made me glad I was a weightlifter and not a CrossFitter…

I CrossFit because… it incorporates heavy barbell lifts (which I love!) and high intensity (which I don’t love, but I need). Also, I enjoy the fun competitive environment and the wonderful community.

I coach because… it’s a great outlet for the years of time I invested trying to master the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The athletes, no matter the level, are hardworking and eager to learn.