“I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises…” (bootcamp testimonial)

1) What sparked your interest in a Union Fitness Bootcamp?

“I was interested in CrossFit but was intimidated about my ability to perform the movements and complete the workouts. I’d also grown very tired of my regular workout routines of running, biking and swimming. I wanted strength training and I wanted to get faster.”

2) What were some of your initial reservations in starting bootcamp? How did you overcome them?

“I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises. The coaches were very encouraging and very good teachers. I credit my tremendous squat to my coach who consistently nagged me to go lower.”

Ann Lindstrom displaying that "strong is beautiful!"

Ann Lindstrom displaying that “strong is beautiful!”

3) Were you satisfied with your bootcamp experience? What did you enjoy most?

“I did four bootcamps, so yes, you could say I was satisfied. Because it was the same group every class, we all got to know each other and there was some accountability to attend. I generally had fun with people while crushing workouts together.”

4) Why did you decide to start CrossFitting after your time in bootcamp?

“It would have been embarrassing to do a fifth. Seriously, I was ready for the next level after having such great experiences with the bootcamps. I felt really comfortable at the gym at that point and I was confident that I could do regular classes. In fact I think that the bootcamps were a great introduction to CrossFit and I’d encourage anyone to start with a bootcamp and then move on to regular (big kid) classes.”

-Ann Lindstrom, current CrossFitter and former bootcamper

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