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My CrossFit Story: Brooke Huberty

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My CrossFit Story: Brooke Huberty

I found CrossFit through Liz Palmer, she inspired me to give it a shot because of her passion and commitment to CrossFit and I was looking for a way to stay strong and active.

I believe CrossFit is effective because of its class structure: come in and do the workout programmed, kick butt, then it’s back to the work day. I have tried many different ways to stay in the gym and CrossFit has been the only effective way! Having workouts programmed and coaches who care to know me is why CrossFit works for me and my busy schedule.

I keep coming back because of the community, the coaches, and the results. I feel like I became a part of something when I joined Union Fitness. The coaches know me by name and know my strengths and weaknesses and are able to guide me through great workouts. I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half and the longer I go the more addicted I get. I love CrossFit Minneapolis and Union Fitness. I have also become more confident in myself through my time at CrossFit.


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