My CrossFit Story: Malory Peterson

How did you first get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?
I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year and four months. Some of my friends from college had started going to a CrossFit in Eau Claire and they really enjoyed it. They urged me to give it a try so I looked up the closest gym and signed up for the Free Intro Class.

What kind of positive changes have you seen in your health and wellness because of CrossFit?
Muscles! Just kidding, but seriously. I’ve always been a really active person so I need a fitness routine that keeps me in shape and reduces the risk of injury for the activities I enjoy. I went through a Phase 5 a year or so ago where I felt really injury prone. If you’ve ever watched me do a box jump, you might say this still applies… Anyway, I went from getting bone bruises while training for a half marathon to tearing my ACL while playing pick-up basketball. That’s when I decided I needed to incorporate more weight training into my workout routine. Fast forward a couple years and CrossFit is a fitness program that is helping me do just that by keeping me accountable, being super challenging, and fun. I’ve increased my strength, have more stamina, and perform better. This makes playing sports, hiking, & snowboarding (a few of the things I love to do!) extra enjoyable.

What makes Union Fitness so special?
Definitely the people; fellow athletes and the coaches. I’ve met a lot of good friends at the gym and the instruction from the coaches is top notch. They genuinely want to help you improve and they make class fun to attend. They know when to tell you to put more weight on the bar and they’re also not afraid to tell people to take weight off the bar. I like that there is a huge focus on form first. Also, even if it’s a lift you have pretty good positioning in, the coaches are there to give you advice on how you could improve it a step further. They don’t stop trying to develop better athletes. I really like this as I think continually challenging an athlete to do something better, even something they’re good at, is where people can realize their full potential.

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