My CrossFit Story: Peter Tasevski

I started my CrossFit journey at Union Fitness after moving to Minneapolis this past winter. I was always curious about CrossFit but held back due to my back issues and fear of making the situation worse. Wanting to meet new people in a new city and not being able to run, bike or swim during winter got me convinced to give CrossFit a try. It’s been five months and I haven’t looked back! I’m so much fitter and stronger overall and have increased my mobility significantly. The constantly varied movements keep training interesting and challenging and target different areas of the body. I was previously training for triathlons where a lot of movements were repetitive over a long period of time and caused strain on the body. The open and welcoming community was noticeable from day one. Everyone is respectful of where others are in their CrossFit journey and are supportive in helping push to new heights. The coaches are great in teaching proper technique and providing tips on how to improve. The music is generally pretty good too!

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