“My initial reservations [to CrossFit]…” (bootcamp testimonial)

1.) What sparked your interest in starting bootcamp?

“I had experience with CrossFit earlier and enjoyed the experience but got away from it. I was looking to bootcamp to get me jumpstarted to that type of short intense fitness sessions again. I also knew Ian and was comfortable with him being the coach 🙂 Essentially I needed something to kick me back into gear, and I knew that jumping right back into CrossFit was something I wasn’t quite ready for or even sure that I wanted to do at the time.”  

“My initial reservations [to CrossFit] were whether or not I could handle the workouts. Being familiar with the challenges that come with CrossFit workouts, I was nervous since I was basically starting from scratch with my fitness again. I overcame them by sucking it up and showing up. I surprised myself that I showed up at 6:30 am to do bootcamp!!”

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2.) Were you satisfied with your experience? What did you enjoy most?

“Yes I was satisfied with the experience. It was hard, but not too hard that I couldn’t modify or scale as needed. Most of the stuff we did was body weight, so whatever your body style is, that’s what you’re working with. I enjoyed the energy that [my coaches] brought to the workouts and my day, and I really enjoyed the satisfaction that came with being able to accomplish the workouts, even when I thought it was impossible.”  

“I returned to CrossFit after bootcamp because I had a renewed confidence that I could in fact handle the workouts. I also needed that time to get my arse back to a level that could handle intense workouts. :)”

-Carla Staffa, current CrossFitter and former bootcamper

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