New Competition Class Cycle: Road to Regionals

[too long, didn’t read]: Below you’ll find an outline of the new and upcoming Competition Class cycle. Specifically, WHO this cycle is for, WHAT we’ll be doing over the course of the eight week cycle, and a sample week outlining HOW we’ll be going about it.

Before diving in a huge shout out is in order to the entire Union Fitness community. Although we still have one week left of The Open it’s looking like Union Fitness will finish with our highest placing ever! There were so many amazing performances throughout The Open (and hopefully more to come in week five!) by so many different athletes although I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the women of Union Fitness. Their performance was absolutely astounding and is truly a testament to their insane work ethic. As a coach I’m proud, as a teammate I’m hungry to push myself because of these women.

What you’ll find below is a detailed outline of the Road to Regionals cycle. This cycle will last nine weeks (one week of testing and eight weeks of training). The cycle will start on Monday, March 27th with a testing/deload week. The Competition Class will be meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 7:00 pm at CrossFit Minneapolis and on Saturdays at 8:00 am at CrossFit Minneapolis.

[WHO]: Who is this cycle for…? Everyone.

Alright, maybe I should explain a little…

This cycle is for anyone interested in training in a way where tangible increases in work capacity can be seen on a weekly basis (#gainz). This can sometimes be monotonous but I can assure you that you’ll undoubtedly get better, much better.

This cycle is for anyone who is comfortable training at a slightly higher volume level. The Competition Class is ninety minutes in length and we pack that entire ninety minutes.

This cycle is for anyone who is comfortable training in an environment that is extremely challenging but very rewarding.

This cycle is for anyone who is willing to check their ego at the door. No one cares if you do the workout “Rx” and more often than not their won’t even be prescribed weights or even repetition schemes in Competition Class. This may or may not be a big shift for you; but in Competition Class we’re more concerned with the intent of workouts than we are with performing the workout as written.

If you feel like you mesh with the above then you should come in a give the Road to Regionals cycle a shot. The class schedule can be found above.


[WHAT]: The Road to Regionals cycle will follow a few guiding principles that will dictate our daily and weekly programming. Below is a numbered list (in no particular order) with these guiding principles.

  1. Baseline Strength Cycle: Athletes should expect to see increases in strength in all of their lifts over the Road to Regionals cycle. Some, if not most, of these increases will be due to the consistently heavy loads we’ll be lifting but a portion of these #gainz will be from our baseline strength cycle. We’ll be continuing our Wendler strength cycle that we started during our Open Prep Cycle. This is partially due to the fact that it’s a low volume, low intensity cycle. This allows us to increase the intensity of our sessions elsewhere. Wendler is also surprisingly effective when followed properly. We’ll be back squatting on Mondays and bench pressing on Thursdays. We will be getting in our lower body pull through olympic weightlifting.
  2. Barbell Cycling (heavy and moderate): Over the course of eight weeks athletes should expect to see a lot of barbell cycling. Almost all of our olympic weightlifting work will be done cycling a barbell. If we’re not cycling the barbell we’ll definitely be performing the lifts under some kind of aerobic stress. The cycling work will fall into two categories: heavy or moderate. We’ll tend to stay clear of lightly loaded barbells. The heavy barbell cycling will be lower in repetitions while the moderately loaded cycling will be high in volume.
  3. Gymnastics Conditioning: In past cycles we spent a decent amount of time working the gymnastics positions and performing gymnastics movements in stand alone sets, resting as needed between efforts. In the Road to Regionals cycle our gymnastics work will often be against a clock, mixed with other gymnastics movements, or performed with an aerobic stimulus. Over eight weeks we’ll be working towards increasing the amount of gymnastics work completed over shorter and shorter time domains with higher and higher levels of an aerobic stress. This guiding principle in increasing work capacity will also be used in our barbell cycling work.
  4. Baseline Aerobic Capacity: Although we’ll be cycling barbells and working on increasing our gymnastics capacity we won’t be forgetting about our conditioning. Athletes should expect to see aerobic work on a daily basis; sometimes mixed in with our other guiding principles and at other times in stand alone components. On Wednesday’s we’ll also be going longer. This is intended to act as a small mental break in the week between a few heavy days but also the importance of going long every now and then tends to be understated in the CrossFit community.
  5. Odd Object/Teamwork: Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing partner workouts on Saturday’s and I think this has had a very positive impact on the community. Over the next eight week’s we’ll be continuing this focus. Athletes should expect to see a lot of partner workouts, community (team) workouts, and general odd object stuff that brings a community together.


[HOW]: Before the cycle begins I wanted to give athletes an idea of what to expect in the upcoming Road to Regionals cycle. Not just with the principles stated above but how they will fall into a week’s worth of programming. Hopefully, this helps guide your decision to commit to the cycle and gets you excited to dive in head first. Here is a link to a Google Doc of our weekly template. Be sure to follow the blog on a daily basis to stay up to date with #UnionComp programming.

As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

I’m very much looking forward to this cycle! #gamesbound2017 #youhearditherefirst


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