Nutrition Challenge Testimonial: John Clarno

What was the most difficult part of the Nutrition Challenge?

Eating enough real healthy food was one of the hardest parts. I struggle, like many other with sugar and beer. I still enjoyed a little beer but did my best to cut out sugar.

2. What was the biggest change that you’ve been able to stick with even after the conclusion of the Challenge?

Eating a lot less sugar! Once I realized how much sugar I was actually eating I could never go back. I still love sugar but we have a more healthy relationship now.

3. What helped keep you on track throughout the Challenge?

My wife, if it wasn’t for her I would never have made it this far! I would still be eating pizza and ice cream every night. Knowing that she was in my corner made me want to push myself harder. Also knowing she would be disappointed if I didn’t try my best was a good deterrent in those moments of weakness in front of the vending machine or cafeteria at work. The longer I kept with it the easier it got! I felt proud of myself every day for sticking with the changes I have made, and now starting to see significant improvements just keeps pushing me forward with this new lifestyle.

4. What is one thing you were hoping to accomplish during this Nutrition Challenge?

I was hoping to continue with my muscle gains and to decrease my body fat even more during this Nutrition Challenge and I did just that!

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