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“I wasn’t ever doing it alone…” (Bootcamp Testimonial)

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“I wasn’t ever doing it alone…” (Bootcamp Testimonial)

1) What sparked your interest in a Union Fitness Bootcamp?

I was looking for a defined program to intentionally increase my strength and endurance. I had recently started playing hockey and I realized I needed to be intentional about my physical development if I was going to enjoy the intensity.

2) What were some of your initial reservations to starting bootcamp? How did you overcome them?

I saw other people who “do” CrossFit and it was daunting to think that I would be working out in a facility that was geared for them. I knew I didn’t fit in and I wasn’t as strong. I had to ignore those fears and not let the perceived exclusivity keep me from reaching my goal. I decided to show up and see how it went. It helped that I had friends starting with me, but I would have started alone.

3) Were you satisfied with your bootcamp experience? What did you enjoy most?

Yes, I was satisfied. I most enjoyed that I showed up and there was a workout already prescribed and a coach to help me with the techniques and proper form. The coaches never made me feel like “I can’t”, they always told me ” I can” and that made a significant difference in the success I experienced. I wasn’t ever doing it alone.

4) Why did you decide to start CrossFitting after your time in bootcamp?

Because bootcamp ended and I wasn’t even close to being “done”, (I know now I’ll never be done). I wouldn’t say that I chose to continue into CrossFit classes, but I wanted to keep attending a class, like bootcamp. That meant going to CrossFit class. I knew there was a risk that if I stopped CrossFit I would stop altogether and that wasn’t an option.

-Aimee Hatlestad, current CrossFitter and former bootcamper

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