Mother of two… has abs! (thanks to CrossFit)

Priorities. Work/life balance. BEING A GOOD MOM!


This stuff is hard!

Six years ago, right after I had my second child I was struggling to find a way to get back in shape. That’s when a coworker introduced me to this thing called CrossFit and soon after I (hesitantly) gave it a try. Shortly thereafter, I was hooked!

But how the heck was I going to fit in CrossFit as a mom with two small children?!?! I did my best to fit it in whenever I could. Some workouts were at home… or at a globo gym with childcare. Often times I even had to coordinate with my husband so one of us could take the kids! It was tough work. But SO worth it!


LADIES, what wouldn’t you give to be proud of yourself? Truly confident? Thrilled about results at the gym that have nothing to do with a scale? That’s what CrossFit did for me! And that’s what CrossFit can do for you!

I’ll never be the mom with a spotless house or the one taking her kids to 10 different activities a week, but my kids eat like rock stars and are proud of mom and dad’s muscles. Not to mention how much energy we have for our kids (as long as they don’t try to stand on our quads after lots of squats!). CrossFit has definitely made an impact on our family life for the better!

Coach Mary 


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