031210 – Deadlift

Our next Free Community workout is this Saturday, March 13th, at 10am!  Please join us if you’re interested in trying CrossFit!

Upcoming Fundamentals Classes (6 small group classes plus 2 weeks of unlimited classes):

Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5:30pm, starts Mar 15
Mon/Wed @ 6pm & Friday at 5pm, starts Mar 29
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Check out this video of 19 year old Caleb Ward lifting 203kg (447lbs) in the clean & jerk, setting a new American record and becoming the youngest American in history to clean & jerk over 200kg, amazing stuff!

Deadlift 1×5, then:

7 rounds for time of:
15 Dumbell push press (15#/25#)
20 Squat thrusts

*Compare to 121509*

Great job to everyone who completed “Angie” yesterday!  We had some big increases in performance pretty much across the board, and the intensity was much higher than the last time we did it.  These longer/lower intensity workouts aren’t necessarily the best thing available for increasing fitness, but they are a good test of fitness, and are good for the mental aspect of CrossFit – tackling a seemingly insurmountable workout on rep at a time, and sticking with it no matter how long it takes.  It might be somewhat idealistic to say this, but I believe these kind of challenges are important in life in general, as these kinds of physical challenges are what we have evolved over millions of years to perform, and they translate over to mental challenges that more commonly occur in modern society.  Agree, disagree, thoughts?

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