CrossFit St Paul Kettlebells Starts Tuesday @ 7pm!

CFSP Kettlebell classes start Tuesday the 2nd of February, and we’re offering first week FREE to new members!  Go to our events page for more details!

Evening Fundamentals Starts Monday the 1st @ 6pm, go to events for more details!

Our latest fundamentals class, Kent & Joe (Not pictured are Leanna & Tara), great job guys and welcome to CFSP!

Saturday 013010 – Partner workout of the day:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
DB Hang-Squat-Cleans
Ring Dips

Finish each round with a wheelbarrow down & back…that’s right, wheelbarrow, just like in 7th grade gym class.

The NY Times Wellness Blog writes about 6 Meaningless Claims on Food Labels.

Many products make a whole grain claim even though they often contain refined flour as the first ingredient and the amount of whole grains are minimal.

A good rule of thumb to follow when purchasing packaged foods (which should be minimized) is that there’s more than 5 ingredients or any ingredients that you don’t know what they are, find an alternative.  Thanks to recent trends in the “whole food” movement, there are many options that contain real ingredients, as opposed to traditional packaged food products that everyone in my generation grew up with that only resemble real food.

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