Friday – 010611 – HPC, OHS, Box-jumps…

Pam, preparing to press...


2 Lengths: bear crawl
3 Sets: 30 Second HS hold (against wall)

Hang Power Clean:


21-15-9 Reps for time:

HPC (95/65)
OHS (95/65)
Box-jumps (24/20)

Post thoughts and times to “comments”.

The cherry picking probably wasn’t as bad as it seemed today, but it seemed pretty bad. I know that everybody’s got a life outside of CrossFit, but when we go from 60-65 members a day to 20 – a drop off that coincidently coincides with a 200 pull-up workout, one has to at least raise an eye brow. Remember, friends: with CrossFit, good things do not come to those who wait. Good things come to those who train, and practice, and pursue fervently all of the skills and movements they hate and despise. Many people struggle with kipping pull-ups and vow to get themselves off of the bands some day – today’s workout was a great opportunity to hone your skills. Don’t worry, there will be another opportunity to tackle such a WOD, but kudos to those who came in and trudged through this nasty prescription. In particular, big, big shout out to Jackie who knocked out her first two unassisted pull-ups this evening! And to Ryan W. who in only his third CrossFit class came in, strapped into a band and knocked out 150 pull-ups without complaint. Way to go, guys.

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