Friday 021210 – Press

Free intro workout Saturday @ 10am & 11am for those interested in trying CrossFit!

Push-press 3×5, then:

4x500m Row, rest as needed between sets

*Compare 500m row times to 121109*

Class format modifications:  At this point in the life of CFSP we’ve coached a large number of people for multiple months, and roughly 100% of all people who step into our gym (coaches included) have some sort of mobility or flexibility issue that inhibits full range of motion on certain exercises, whether it be hip mobility limiting proper squat, tight hamstrings limiting proper midline stabilization, or shoulder impingement limiting proper overhead movements.  One of the best things we can do if given enough time with our athletes is restore mobility lost due to the demands of modern society (e.g. sitting in chairs all day hunched over a computer).  Performing the movements done in CrossFit with proper form and full range of motion will alleviate some flexibility/mobility issues, but we believe extra work is required to fully restore proper movement in problem areas.  Because of this belief we’ve decided to add a formal group warm-up as part of each class, focusing on preparation of the joints/muscle groups that will primarily be used in the workout to come.  We will start this 7 minutes after each class start time, which means the standard warm-up you’re all used to (e.g. 500m row, 2×10 reps of pushups, pullups, squats, situps) will still be posted each day and should be started as soon as you arrive.  We’ll transition to the group warm-up at 7 after the hour regardless of whether the individual portion is complete.  This will require arriving and being ready to begin class on time.  For those who may occasionally arrive a few minutes late, the group warm-up will provide more than sufficient preparation for the workout ahead, and the traditional warm-up can be completed after the WOD, as it plays an important role in developing strength (particularly in pullups & pressing movements).  We’ll also include foam roller/lacrosse ball myofascial release and a few other group preparation type warm-ups as well.

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