Friday 022610 – Karen

Weekend Schedule Changes – We’re hosting a community WOD with a few other local affiliates at 10:30am on Saturday the 27th.  Please plan on attending that workout if possible, it’ll be a fun “team” workout and a chance to meet and train with other CrossFitters from the area.  There will be no 11am class and no 10am Free Workout due to this event.
Upcoming Fundamentals Classes (6 small group classes plus 2 weeks on unlimited classes):
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6:30am, starts Mar 1
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5pm, starts Mar 8
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 9am, starts Mar 15
Mon/Wed @ 6pm & Fri @ 5pm, starts Mar 22
Click here for more details!

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1, then:

“Karen” – 150 Wallball shots for time (20#/14#)

*Compare to 120109*

Ryan Powell of Potomac CrossFit in VA writes a good blog post about “What is Paleo”.

It’s cliche, I know, but no one said this was going to be easy.  You’ve been eating a refined carbohydrate-fueled diet for 20+ years.  You’re not going to feel well when you first make the switch.  Performance in the gym may decrease, sleep may suffer, but it’s no different than learning to use your left hand instead of your right.  It’s going to suck at first, but trust me, it gets better.

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