Friday 090310 – Deadlift


Deadlift 1×5, then:

5 Rounds for time of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Bodyweight deadlifts
15 DB Push Press (25#/20#)

*Compare to 112509*

Mobility WOD – Hand behind back “bully” position

Post loads and times to comments. Just like back squat and press this week, today’s 5 rep deadlift portion should be considered a baseline where it’s pretty difficult to do 5 reps, but there’s no chance of missing your last 1-2 reps. Our goal here is to find a good weight, successfully lift all 5 reps, and add 5-10 (or 15 if you’re new) pounds each time we do deadlift for the next 2 months.

Check out Jen’s take on Toning Shoes.  Luckily nobody has ever walked into the box with toning shoes on, because I would have to have Ross the Intern throw them out like in the movies when someone gets thrown out of a bar.

Does stretching before running prevent injury?

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