Friday 100209 – Rest Day

Nothing better than outdoor workouts in October!

Nothing better than outdoor workouts in October!

Scheduling notes for current CFSP athletes:

Saturday and Sunday’s classes will go on as scheduled, rain or shine at 8am Saturday & 9am Sunday. We have two more weekends of outdoor workouts, then we’ll be moving indoors for the next 6-8 months for the long cold winter, so come get your outdoor workouts in while we still can!

Monday we’ll be at the gym @ 5:30, so if anyone wants to get their workout in before Monday Night Football, feel free to show up early. Did I mention I’m a Vikings fan now to anyone? That’s right, I’ve lived here for over 2 years and my team’s ownership (Redskins) shows no interest in pleasing it’s fans, so go Brett!

Come support Twin Cities Marathoners! We’ll be at the corner of Cleveland and Summit at noon on Sunday, if anyone wants to join us to cheer on friends who are running the race.

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