Friday 121109 – Deadlift

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Deadlift 1×5, then:

3 500M Rows, resting 2 minutes between rows.

Has anyone seen the advertisements for KFC’s new $3.95 meal that has 395 calories?  The meal consists of a grilled drumstick, grilled thigh, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  It’s a very smart marketing campaign in my opinion, and will likely give them a solid boost in sales over the next few months…who wouldn’t want a wholesome meal that’s only 395 calories for only $3.95?  Think about this though, would an equivalent meal made at home have 395 calories?  Probably not, as a plain baked potato by itself has 163 calories (according to the “lose it” application on my iPhone).  How did KFC make this meal 395 calories and still taste good?  It’s simple…It’s not real food.  Take a look at the ingredients of each menu item and you’ll see an astounding number of ingredients that go into something simple.  Their gravy has over 20 ingredients, most of which unpronounceable chemicals.  I made gravy for the first time over Thanksgiving, you know how many ingredients it had?  6 if you count the butter, salt, and pepper that went into the turkey drippings.  If you really want a laugh take a look at the Chicken Pot Pie ingredients, it’s almost an entire page!  Yum Brands literally had a team of scientists working on these menu items with the objective of making the items taste like real food for as cheap as possible and under a certain amount of calories.  I’m sure these meals are extremely delicious, and will likely make you crave them fortnightly (anyone get the movie reference?), but it’s not real food, and is a perfect example of why calorie content is much less important than the ingredients that go into our “food”.

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