Monday – 032811 – Squat, BTB Thruster Intervals

Eric - looking exactly as one should look after a WOD



3 x Bear Crawl
50 Jumping Jacks
15 Broad Jumps



Please remember: we’re looking to get three solid work sets in. That is, take whatever kind of warm-up you want with whatever weights feel good, but make sure you work through three sets that will serve their purpose. If you plan to squat 275# for five reps, don’t do 135#, 225#, 275# and call it a day. In this scenario, only one of those sets – the last one – was of any value to the lifter. Take 135# for a couple reps, take 185# for a couple reps, take 225# for a couple reps, and then start your work sets.

4 Sets for time:

50 Behind The Back Thrusters (45/33)

Rest precisely 60 seconds between sets. In this workout, please focus on explosive and complete hip drives. Try not to segment the movement despite how light a stripped barbell might feel. In addition, please be aware of back positioning. As fatigue sets in even a barbell with no weight on it can affect torso positioning. Stay upright, stay tight and engaged through the core.

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