Monday 032910 – Weighted pushups

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Carla being Carla during Friday's Fight Gone Bad WOD

Weighted pushups 3×5, then:

3 minutes max box jump (24/20)
1 min rest
3 min max pullups
1 min rest
3 min max DB Power Clean

*Compare pushups to 020910*

Mark Sisson writes his Definitive Guide to Sleep

Sleep is an incredibly active time for our bodies and brains when we undergo all manner of growth and repair processes through a dynamic biochemical orchestration.

We like to think of sleep as one of 3 key elements in improving performance – programming (what training you do to meet your goals), nutrition, and sleep.  Getting all three of these in line is the key to sustained fitness/performance increases.  When someone is training properly and eating to support their training, but hitting plateaus in strength/endurance gains or fat loss depending on their goals, improving sleep is a sure way to get back on track.

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