Monday 083010 – Jackie

Mayhem at the end of the filthy fifty

Back squat 3×5, then:

For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45/33)
30 Pullups

*Compare to 040110*

3×5 rep scheme implies “sets across”, where you pick one weight and perform 5 reps of that same weight for 3 sets.  Because we haven’t done sets of 5 for about 2.5 months, it’s recommended to go a little lighter than you think you can go to ensure form is solid, and that you can complete all 15 reps.  Add 5-10 lbs for work sets each time you perform the slow lifts during the 3×5 rep cycle.  Post loads and times to comments

We’re starting a new strength cycle in our programming.  We took two weeks off after the last CrossFit Total from the designated strength programming to play with some other workouts, experiment with some short & long workouts with heavy weight integrated into them, and are ready to get back to a predictable strength cycle.  You may or may have not notice that our strength programming generally follows a 5-3-1 rep scheme, where we work on sets of 5 for about 2 months, sets of 3 for a month, sets of one for a month, and then do a CFT.  We will stick to this similar scheme for the upcoming 3-4 month cycle, but will focus on particular areas of fitness each month during the cycle.  For example, this month will be focused on STRENGTH, where we’ll focus more on the slow lifts than the olympic lifts.  The next month will focus on POWER, where we’ll have a slight emphasis on developing the olympic lifts.  As always, individual customization is possible within our programming by attending our specialty classes & open gym times on weekends.  If further customization is required we’re happy to schedule 1 on 1 coaching for 30 minute periods.

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