Monday – 101110 – Squat, Press, Jump

Matteo, on the bar!

Back squat: 3-3-3

AMRAP – 10 Minutes:
3 Push-press (135/95)
Max reps box jumps in the remainder of the minute

Let me explain! 3…2…1…Go! The athlete completes three push-press’, before transitioning into max box jumps for the remainder of the minute. When the first minute turns over, and the second minute begins, the athlete then starts again with three push-press’, followed once more by max jumps for the remainder of the second minute. This continues with the athlete returning to three push-press’ and max box jumps with every new minute. We will score this WOD by tracking the lowest number of box jumps completed in a single minute – post push-press.

Post thoughts, and scores to “comments”.

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