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What is CrossFit?

Steve M. - before and after...

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this Steve, but you’re effort is inspiring, and I think everybody would want to share this with you.

So: One year ago today, I hit some kind of breaking point. I was playing a show with my band Brutal Becomings at the 501 Club and although we weren’t dressing up in costumes, I thought it would be fun to at least dress up a bit. I put on a black collared shirt I’d had for years and it just didn’t fit. But it was all I had, so I put on a tie, and went ahead with the show, feeling absolutely horrible about how I looked. I told my wife that night that something had to change.

The next morning, I got on the scale and weighed 237 lbs. That day I started a month of not drinking and not eating out, and I started losing weight. Then I recommitted myself to going to the gym the next month. It was all going pretty well, but then I joined CrossFit in January and things really took off. Yesterday, on October 30, I got on the scale: 183 lbs.

What’s been most rewarding about CrossFit had been that it has given me fitness goals beyond just weight loss. I’m stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been in my life right now, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and give a shout out to CF Saint Paul and the people there who’ve helped me. So thanks Chris, Tyler, Andrea, Mike, Mac, and everyone else! I also wanted to especially thank my wife, Calley, who’s been so supportive (even when I’m on paleo and not eating grains or dairy) and who’s also joined CrossFit and gotten great results.


800 M Run
6 x Depth-drop
20 Squats
Movement Prep


AMRAP – 20 Minutes:

30 Box-jump (24/20)
20 Push-press (115/85)
30 Pull-ups

Post thoughts and rounds completed to “comments”.

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