Monday 110909 – Back Squat

Back Squat 3×5, then:

4 Rounds for time of
20 Pullups
20 DB Push Jerks

Compare to 090309

Are artificial sweeteners good for you?  There’s plenty of conflicitng information out there about whether no-calorie sweeteners cause health problems like cancer, but many people believe that the benefits of using a no-calorie sweetener instead of glucose or high fructose corn syrup outweigh the potential negatives.  An interesting study published earlier this year brought light to a little known phenomenon that no-calorie sweeteners can cause a similar insulin spike to real sugar in many people, causing us to store fat and get hungry quicker.  This lends credence to the saying “If I even look at sweets I get fat”, as just tasting or looking at sweetened foods will cause some people to release insulin.  So unfortunately for many people, the fact that their diet soda has zero calories doesn’t help in fat loss, as the sweetness of the soda alone is enough to cause the body to store calories as fat.  This has had a big impact in my life as I’ve used Splenda off and on in my coffee for the past 3-4 years, and am trying to kick the habit!  So if you’re trying to lose weight, cutting out diet sodas and artificial sweeteners might be something that’s holding you back, try cutting them out for 2 weeks to see if you notice any benefits like increased fat loss or increased energy throughout the day.

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