Monday – 112210 – CFT, 10K Run…

Noah - comin' out of the hole...

CrossFit Total

… or …

10 K Run (6.2 M)

Good people of CrossFit St. Paul,

As we all prepare for the norms of holiday gluttony, it is important to get two challenging, perhaps disliked, but endlessly important workouts logged in our books. We do this so that as we emerge from the snow and ice into the warmth of spring, we have a new calibration to use for our measurements. So, the next two days will be dedicated to the CrossFit Total and the 10 K run. These workouts are the antithesis of one another, the Total serving our phosphogenic pathway, demanding tremendous outputs for very, very short periods of time. The run, however, tests our oxidative capacity, and will be a great score to have of as we put running aside for a few months. For tomorrow and Tuesday, you will have the option of participating in either a 10 K run, or the CrossFit total. We know it’s not always an option to come two days in a row, and in a situation where you know you’ll only catch one WOD, please opt for the Total. After all, you can always run a 10 K on your own before stuffing face with turkey and pie.

Post thoughts, totals, and times to “comments”.

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