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We’re excited to announce a new programming option for current members who are looking to focus their training on strength and power development over a designated strength cycle.  CFSP Strength & Conditioning is an 8 week strength based program that will utilize a linear progression to significantly increase strength in the big lifts (squat, press, bench press, deadlift, power clean) while maintaining conditioning through short (less than 10 minute) metcons.  Sign up by clicking here, details are as follows:

When will this program be held? Sessions will be held Mondays & Thursdays at 6pm, starting Monday , March 21st, and continuing for 8 weeks.  Sessions will typically consist of 2-3 lifts followed by a short metcon, and will be 60-75 minutes in duration.  Participants are recommended, but not required, to complete 4 total workouts per week by attending CrossFit class on Tuesdays and Fridays.  If Tuesdays and Fridays don’t work, other days can become training days, with a maximum of 5 total training days per week.

Who is this program for? This program is for anyone who has been CrossFitting with us for more than 3 months, would like to increase their absolute strength, and is willing/able to stick to a set workout time & day for 2 days a week for 8 weeks, plus 2 CrossFit workout per week.  The most likely participant is a man or woman who has become proficient at the lifts, completes lighter WODs as Rx’d, but has to scale loads whenever the WOD calls for heavier barbell lifts.

What can I expect from this program? Participants will establish a baseline of strength & conditioning by completing a CrossFit Total and performing a benchmark metcon on day 1.  After that participants will begin with the big lifts and be expected to add weight to the bar every session.  The big lifts (squat, press, bench press, deadlift, weighted pullups) will be the primary focus of this program, with a secondary emphasis on the olympic lifts.  Short metcons will be conducted at the end of sessions that allow participants to maintain conditioning.  Participants can expect significant increases in their strength over this period if they follow the program and follow appropriate nutrition that allows for supercompensation.

How do I sign up? Sign up by clicking here, class size is limited to 10 people.  This program will be treated as a regular class, so there is no extra fee involved.  Participants must have been training with us for at least 3 months or have coach’s permission to join this program.  If you know you will miss multiple sessions AND won’t be able to make them up on weekends please don’t sign-up for this cycle.  Please email with any questions about this program.

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