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The CFMPLS | CFSP Paleo challenge is 4 week contest where participants follow a strict paleo diet with the support of their fellow CrossFitters with the ultimate goal of improving overall health, performance, and appearance.

HOW IT WORKS – Participants attend a kickoff meeting on Saturday, September 8 at 10am, where Mike Jones will give a one hour lecture and Q&A on the theory behind the Paleo diet, how to follow it, and tips for maximizing results. Before the lecture all participants will take 3 before pictures.

Participants will be encouraged to maintain an online food journal that all participants can review and utilize for ideas about what to eat.

All participants will take 3 after pictures by Saturday, October 6, and the CFMPLS | CFSP owners will pick the top 5 men & women based on photos. Participants will then vote for the top 2 men & women. All photos will remain private and only the top 5 men & women’s photos will be viewed on paper at the gym.

WHAT CAN I WIN? – We’ll have a 1st & 2nd place male & female winner, prizes are as follows:

1st place – 1 month free unlimited membership, cash prize
2nd place – $50 credit towards membership, cash prize
Cash prize amount will be determined at the kickoff meeting, and will be based on the amount of participants, less expenses for us to run the event (we won’t be taking any profit on this event, just covering our expenses) so the more participants we have the greater the cash prize!

WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM 4 WEEKS OF PALEO EATING? – Improved body composition (fat loss), increased energy throughout the day, reduced joint pain, better sleeping, improved blood work, mood regulation. Seriously, many of these benefits, if not all of them are experienced by most people who adopt this way of eating for a significant period of time.


WHAT DO I WEAR FOR THE PHOTOS? Women wear a sports bra and fitted shorts, men wear shorts and no shirt. Experience tells us that many people will wear too much clothing, which is understandable but makes judging photos difficult at the end. If you want to win don’t wear a full-body spandex suit for the photos.

I HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO LIKE THAT? REALLY? Yes, this is the best way to choose a winner based on the experiences of CrossFit gyms around the world. The only people who will see these photos are those who are participating in the challenge, so they’ll be on display too. And we’re all friends here who only want you to be healthy and happy, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

WHAT IF I’M ALREADY LEAN? People who are close to their ideal body composition can still have dramatic results with a month of strict paleo eating, and will still look very different after the challenge even if they only lose a few pounds of fat. More important than the appearance benefits are the performance and health benefits.

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