Pre-Sectionals Challenge!

We had a great event with 16 male and 10 female competitors from 7 different local affiliates at our Pre-sectionals challenge!  Everyone gave their 100% and put out some impressive performances, and the top 3 male & female athletes were each separated by less than 10 points!  Congratulations to our male and female winners, Taylor from CrossFit Minnesota and Kate from CrossFit Athlete Lab (Little Canada)!  Here are the workouts they did:

WOD 1:
Max reps clean & jerk (any way ground to overhead) in 8 minutes (135#/95#)
Rest 2 minutes
Max pullups in 4 minutes (any style of kipping pullup)
-Athletes didn’t know how long each part would be, they had to go until told to stop

WOD 2:
As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
4 Lengths of the gym (about 20m each way)
6 Burpees
8 Air squats

A special congratulations to our very own Melanie Ayres who held her own against some tough women who’ve been CrossFitting for much longer than her.  Great job Melanie, you made us proud!

Sorry for the bad camera work, we’ll post more photos as soon as we get them!

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