Saturday 022710 – Twin Cities Community WOD

Lindsay's first pullup! Okay her first one was earlier in the week but you get the point.

“CrossFit Baseball” – Total “runs” in 20 minutes, in teams of 4:
1st Base – 80 Alternating lunges
2nd Base – 80 Pushups
3rd Base – 80 Squats
Home Plate – 4 Med-ball shots

Each team must complete 80 total reps of each exercise before moving onto the next “base”, and make 4 med-ball shots (throwing a med-ball into an overturned plyo box from 12″), before getting a “run”. There will only be 8 boxes and 8 med-balls so if you’re not throwing you need to be doing burpees while you wait for a ball to become available.

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