Sunday 011010 – Deadlift

Fundamentals classes starting Monday are at 11:30am and 5pm, go to our events page for more details.  These 2 classes and 2 other classes that we’re starting on January 18th will be the last classes eligible for our founding member rates.

Tackling "The Bear" at CFSP

Deadlift 3×3, then:

10,9…2,1/1,2…9,10 of:
Weighted Step-ups
Forward/Backward runs

For this workout you do 10 weighted step-ups w/dumbells, then 1 sprint down & back in the west wing of the building where you run forward on the way down & backwards on the way back, then 9 step-ups & 2 sprints down & back, and so on. Down/back in the west wing is about 2 feet short of being 50 meters.

Many people are modifying their diets to try to lose some weight/increase energy/increase health.  The most common reason I hear that people have trouble maintaining a Paleo or Caveman type diet of eating lean meats & seafood, vegetables, some fruits, no sugar, little starch, and nuts & seeds, is that it’s a boring diet.  This is true if you eat the same thing every day.  There’s no question you have to get creative when eating an ancestral diet, but if you plan ahead and use some of the many resources available it can actually be pretty enjoyable.  Here are a few sources of good Paleo recipes:

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