Sunday 011710 – “The Viking”

We have 2 spots remaining for our morning Fundamentals class and 3 for our afternoon class starting this Monday at 6am & 6pm.  Go to our event page for details.  These are the last classes that will qualify for our founding member rates.

For time:

15 Cleans (155#/115#)
15 Chest to bar pullups
15 Double unders
12 Cleans
12 Chest to bar pullups
12 Double unders
9 Cleans
9 Chest to bar pullups
9 Double unders

Cleans should be full squat cleans that start from the ground. This WOD is meant to be heavy, but very few people should do this one very fast – the most appropriate situation for 95% of people would be to go slow and deliberate on the cleans and then rip through the pullups & double unders.

Try to channel the “mullet lifestyle” that Jared Allen speaks of in this video before doing “The Viking”.  I would guess he could do this workout in less than 5 minutes.

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