Sunday 062010 – Tabata This

Jenn's first muscle up!

8 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for each exercise, followed by a minute rest between exercises. Score is the lowest score obtained in a round for each exercise, added up for a workout total:

Row (Calories)

*Compare to 040610*

Finisher – Max ring dips x 3 (Scale to a dip version where you can do at least 10 reps)

My mom’s visiting this weekend, and we got to talking about breastfeeding, among other things you talk about around babies.  She breast fed me and my younger brother, but didn’t breastfeed our oldest two brothers (I usually bring this up with them as the reason I’m smarter and more handsome than they are).  Her reason why was that when the first two brothers were born, many people didn’t breastfeed because the doctors & experts told them that formula was just as good as breastmilk.  Today this seems ridiculous, because it’s so intuitive that breastmilk would be the best choice if feasible, but at the time I’m sure the companies that made formula did such a great job with marketing and lobbying efforts that they convinced the key thought leaders of the time that formula was just as good as breastmilk.

This discussion got me thinking about CrossFit, obviously.  Particularly it got me thinking about our nutritional prescription, which recommends against sugar and starches, and in it’s simplest form can be explained as a low carb diet of unprocessed foods.  The unprocessed part isn’t controversial at all, but the low carb part is – most doctors will tell you that eating whole grain breads, pasta, cereals, etc, are a good part of a healthy diet because they have fiber, are slow to digest, give energy, etc.  Most people in the CrossFit community will recommend avoiding any grains 90% of the time, because they make you fat, make you tired, and you can get all the fiber you need with fruits and vegetables.  Some people, like Mark Sisson, flat out believe that grains are bad for you.  I wonder in 20 or 30 years if people will joke that grains were once considered healthy just like baby formula was once considered as healthy as breastmilk.  Maybe not, only time will tell.  Hopefully at least by then we’ll all agree that cereal sucks as a healthy breakfast, and should only be eaten as a dessert or a treat.

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