The Paleo Challenge!

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Some of you might have heard us talk about the Paleo Diet in the past few weeks. The basic premise is that we evolved to eat certain foods as hunters & gatherers over millions of years, and the advent of agriculture created many foods that our bodies are not adapted to and are not really meant to eat, like flour, sugar, and dairy. More info on the Paleo Diet and its justification is better explained here than I’ll ever be able to explain it.

This is not really a “diet”, but a way of eating that eliminates certain foods that many people have mild allergies and intolerances to. For example, a person might be slightly allergic to dairy but never know because she’s never given up dairy in her life. The most effective way to begin this way of eating is to go completely Paleo for 30 days to eliminate all the possible toxins in your body, and then introduce “Modern” foods one at a time to see how they affect you individually. Melissa Byers, a CrossFit trainer and nutrition geek, recently did the 30 day challenge and had quite a following of people joining her with some great results. Her explanation of the challenge, how to do it, and why to do it can be found here, but the basic prescription is the same as the CrossFit nutritional guidelines: Eat lean meats, vegetables, some fruits, little starch, nuts and seeds, and no sugar. The big things that are excluded here are DAIRY, LEGUMES including peanuts and peanut butter, ALCOHOL (that’s right, no alcohol for 30 days), GRAINS and BREADS, and anything with SUGAR.

All three CFSP trainers are trying out this way of eating for 30 days starting today! Chris has been doing it for 2 weeks and is reporting some good results, and Mike and Andrea are starting today while maintaining Zone proportions and blocks in our daily eating. We’ll be posting our daily food logs during these 30 days so you can see exactly what we’re eating and how it’s making us feel. Mike’s log is here and Andrea’s is here. We’d love to have people join us so we can support eachother when the bread monster comes a-callin! If you’re planning on joining us respond to comments frequently and we’ll get through it together!

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