Thursday 012110 – 6 months already?

Free intro workout this Saturday @ 10am for those who are interested in trying a CrossFit workout.  Click here for details.

Push press 5×3, then:

“Jackie” – 1000m row, 45lbs thrusters x 50, 30 pullups for time

*Compare to 103009*

Our very first Fundamentals class doing "Fight Gone Bad"

 This week marks the 6 month anniversary of our first Fundamentals class that started on July 20 in the Edgcumbe Rec Center.  We’ve come a long way in such a short time in terms of our facility, programming, equipment, coaching skills, and class offerings.  The most important area of progress, and the single thing that drives all of our decisions here at CFSP, is the consistent and sustainable fitness improvements seen in our members.  we measure some area of fitness nearly every day in the gym, and have been inspired with the performance increases across the board.  Some PR’s (personal records) this week alone include – Jon getting a 7:58 on the 2000m row, beating his previous time by over a minute; Nick learning to string together kipping pullups, of which he can knock out 10 in a row now; and Melanie doing a body-weight front squat x 3.  Yesterday we did our first deadlift singles where people work up to a one-rep max.  100% of people who found their one-rep max got a new PR, some highlights being Jess with 175 lbs, Dave with 275, Jaime with 245, and Lisa with 215.  These are just off the top of my head and from only the first half of the week of training, and we’re seeing people reaching new heights every day.  These past 6 months have given us the time to clarify our programming philosophy and constantly play with things to maximize these gains, and as long as they continue on a steady basis we’re happy and will always be learning new things and tweaking our programming to maintain them.

So what can you expect over the next 6 months?  Our training staff (Chris, Andrea, and Mike) will work continually to steadily improve our knowledge through personal research, training with other local CrossFit affiliates, attending certifications, and experimenting with our own training.  Our facility will have a slow but steady ramp up of equipment and amenities, including heating the entire building once it’s not so ungodly cold outside!  Our class offerings will increase as demand increases, including sport/implement specific classes like kettlebells and barbell club.  We’ll be launching a CrossFit Kids program that’s CrossFit performed with the needs of young children in mind, along with setting up a kids’ area where parents can bring their kids and still be able to get in their workout.  We’ll be hosting seminars on fitness specific topics such as shoulder mobility and maintenance, nutrition, olympic lifting, and running technique.  So to put it mildly we have many plans for the next six months and the entire year, all of which are solely aimed at steadily improving the fitness of our members.

All of the initial success of this community is a direct result of the hard work and motivation of our members, particularly those who gave us a chance and stuck with us when we were doing workouts in the Rec Center racquetball courts!  We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and commitment to fitness, and your willingness to try new things and giving your 100% every time you’re with us.  2010 is going to be a great year!

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