Thursday 021110 – Manmakers

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Athlete Spotlight – Nick E.

When did you start with CFSP? Around Sept. 1st.

What was your prior fitness background before starting CrossFit? How were you introduced to CrossFit? 3 sport athlete in H.S. (football, hockey, baseball) and college baseball player for a year. Prior to starting CrossFit I had not had any sort of fitness routine for at least 2 years. I was introduced to CrossFit from a co-worker and stumbled upon CFSP on the web.

What were your thoughts during your first week of training with us? I thought it was really hard and loved it because I knew it was exactly what I needed to get myself on the path to health and fitness again. I loved the fact that it was a set program and I was doing all sorts of non-typical workouts.

Favorite workouts/least favorite workouts? Favorite: “Cindy” (As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats), AMRAP workouts/ Least Favorite: “Karen” (150 wallball shots)

What kind of perfomance/fitness changes have occured since starting CrossFit? How have some of the benchmark WOD’s changed for you? I have lost around 40 lbs, not exactly sure as I don’t weigh myself often, I have a lot more energy and because of the eating changes I typically feel lighter and energized rather than weighed down and sluggish.

I have seen large gains in weights and decreases in times on all workouts since I started in September, I even doubled my mini cindy reps from two weeks ago to last week and I am getting close to doing most exercises as RX’D, whereas before most of the workouts were graduated.

What kind of nutritional changes have you made since starting CrossFit? Before starting CrossFit I ate whatever was put in front of me whenever I felt the least bit hungry. Starting CrossFit was part of a health overhaul, and I immediately started cutting back on portion sizes, stopped drinking soda, and stopped drinking beer. After a couple of weeks Mike started talking to me about nutrition and made some suggestions that might help me towards my goals of losing weight and becoming stronger. I am still working on figuring out exactly what works best for me nutritionally, but right now I am getting closer to the paleo diet, and intermittently fasting for 24-36 hours a couple of days a week. Now that my diet is relatively paleo it is interesting to experiment and see what un-paleo food makes you feel like, when I have bread now I get very sluggish and sleepy, legumes have a similar effect, and it makes diet choices easier when you know how eating something will make you feel.

Any advice for new CrossFitters? You definitely have to want to put yourself through the hard work and have to keep a positive mental frame of mind. If you put in the work and go as many times a week as you possibly can there is no way you are not going to see unbelievable results. I think it is important to find someone everyday that you can compete against, it helps me to push myself harder. We have a great group of people that all like to compete against one another but also are great about cheering for one another and are genuinely happy to see you succeed and become a better athlete.

3 rounds (untimed) of:
10 L-sits
10 Body rows
10 Lateral jumps
Manmaker ladder(115#/85#)
Perform 1 manmaker the first 90 seconds, 2 the second 90 seconds, and so on until you can’t complete the reps in the designated time – score is the last full set completed.


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