Thursday 031810 – Dips & Jumps

Is Emily still asleep or just in the zone?

Muscle-up progressions, then:

For time:
10 Ring dips, 2 broad jump
9 Ring dips, 4 broad jumps
8 Ring dips, 6 broad jumps
Continue until you do 1 ring dip & 20 broad jumps

Finisher – 5×5 Weighted Situps

Determine a challenging but sustainable distance for the broad jumps, mark the distance, and stick with that distance for each jump. The rep doesn’t count unless you jump the full distance each time.

Great job to everyone who did Grace yesterday! Grace is one of the CrossFit workouts that many people think is irresponsible because it’s so easy to let form degrade on such high reps for the clean & jerk, which is as complex a movement as anything in sports. Everyone was vigilant about their form and didn’t let their desire for a faster time take over.

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